As seen in Forbes: Meet The Woman Advising The World's Top Blockchain Companies

“One of the questions many blockchain developers and entrepreneurs must answer to investors who may be intrigued, but skeptical, regarding the actual potential use of their blockchain solution is scalability, and inclusion. Luckily for entrepreneurs eager to make an impact in this space, more resources are popping up to help burgeoning ventures to hone their applications and refine their unique value propositions in the field.

I recently chatted with Tiffany Madison, one of the founding partners at DecentraNet, a full-service blockchain advisory, to learn more about the consultancy’s offerings and why the blockchain space needs guidance now more than ever. As a woman at the forefront of a growing company in the blockchain, Madison’s insights not only cover where blockchain as a whole needs to go, but also, how the vertical can transform into a more diverse and inclusive industry.”

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