Why I'm Dropping Everything to Manage John McAfee's Presidential Campaign

Effective Monday, April 18, I am honored to accept a position as campaign manager for John McAfee’s 2016 libertarian presidential campaign. I’m placing my life on hiatus to work 20 hours per day and 7 days per week to ensure that John McAfee is nominated to be the Libertarian candidate.

Why is this so important to me? It’s because he is the only candidate seeking the nomination that could actually win the general election.

Nearly everyone in the tech industry and most people in the world at large know John McAfee. They already recognize his name as a world-famous computer scientist, activist, hacktivist, and the developer of the first commercial anti-virus program.

They already know that he spent two decades as a programmer for NASA, Univac, and Xerox, and Lockheed Martin before starting his own company, and in the process spawning a multi-billion dollar industry. And they definitely know that since retirement, he’s traveled the world and spent time battling banana republics, building on-the-job up-close-and-personal experience fighting corrupt governments.

Easily the most interesting candidate for any office in the world, McAfee is truly an American original and a passionate defender of human freedom.

I also have great respect for Gary Johnson. I’ve voted for him, supported him, and encouraged others to do the same in the past. If I thought he could win I would probably be supporting him again. But between McAfee and Johnson, there is no question that if anyone can dance circles around Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, it is John McAfee.

Our campaign is entering a critical period, and will be adopting an aggressive strategy for securing the nomination. In executing on this strategy, we will at the same time be sharing and communicating our bold vision for the future of the Libertarian Party, our country’s largest third party. 2016 is not just an opportunity to win the White House. It is an opportunity to seize our seat at the table and bring meaningful representation to the philosophies and principles we hold dear.

2016 will be an historic time in American political history and an unprecedented opportunity for the Libertarian party.

A record number of Americans have grown tired of our antiquated two-party system. An expanding subset of voters grasp the fact that real self-government requires political evolution, rational conversation, cooperation, and trans-partisanship. They express frustration that fruitful dialogue is ritualistically handicapped by yesterday’s ideological salesmen; that divisive bickering and demagoguery have become the status quo.

As John recently wrote in Newsweek, the party has been a yawn in past years. This is despite the decades of hard work, thousands of hours of activism, and millions of dollars Libertarians have invested in the cause of Freedom. We — the dues paying membership — have done our part. Our failure to translate this hard work into tangible results is due to a failure of leadership, not any deficiency in our philosophy or beliefs.

I assure you that this year will be different.

Right now, we need fresh leadership capable of capturing the attention and respect of Americans tired of aggressive militarism, destruction of due process, dissolution of the rule of lawrejection of fiscal solvency, or assaults on individual liberties. No other candidate understands this more or can communicate this better than John McAfee. He’s lived under government persecution and spoken out against it more than any other candidate running in this election.

Along with his choice of running mate Judd Weiss, an experienced entrepreneur and successful commercial real estate professional, McAfee/Weiss will lead the Libertarian Party into a new era of cooperation and meaningful impact.

Our team that has assembled overnight is rising to the challenge. We are already collaborating with enthusiastic state and national leaders. We are reaching out to those that have tirelessly built the first viable third party in our lifetime. As an administration, we will support and unite them.

We, as a party, will be impossible to ignore.

Our team intends to wage far more than a political campaign. Nominating John McAfee is the destiny of the party and we will work tirelessly to ensure it. In doing so, we intend to make history. We hope you choose to join us.

If you’d like to join us on the front line there are two critical things the campaign needs most right now. The first is contributions. We need them now more than ever so that we can bring our best fight. The other is voting delegates that have the ability to travel to Orlando.

To be a delegate for John McAfee and Judd Weiss at the Orlando Libertarian National Convention, contact us to join our team here.