We applaud Marine ball invitations for celebrities

Originally posted at Ryan's Project

There’s been a serge of celebrity invites for the Marine Corps ball these last few years. Most think celebrity invitations are ridiculous because the Marine Corps Ball is not about them, but we at Ryan's Project applaud the trend. 

It all started when the starlet Mila Kunis and pop-icon Justin Timberlake accepted invitations to the 2011 Marine Corps Ball after Sgt. Scott Moore (Kunis’ date) and Sgt. Kelsey De Santis (Timberlake’s date) created clever YouTube videos asking for their companionship.

Now, the trend is unstoppable. To date dozens of invitations have hit YouTube, including those to US Women’s Soccer player Alex MorganHeroes actress Hayden Penettiere, singers KeshaTaylor Swift, and Selena Gomez. And of course, the female cast of Jersey Shore. Most of these have resulted in polite declines, the most notable being from star Scarlett Johnasson. She declined her invite to the ball but sent a case of champagne to Sgt. Dustin L. Williams along with her regrets.

However, all of this perseverance has paid off for some. Sgt. Ray Lewis asked Betty White to attend the Ball and though she declined,Terminator actress Linda Hamilton returned the favor, asking to substitute Ms. White’s attendance. Actress Kristin Cavallari has accepted an invitation to a Marine Corps Ball extended via Twitter by Jonathan Burkett, USMC. Private First Class Hart invited Miley Cyrus and though she did not accept, he had a words of encouragement for his fellow Marines.

“An amazing tradition has just begun,” Hart says in his YouTube video. “Marines asking celebrities out to the Marine Corps Ball on Nov. 12, 2011. I, PFC Hart, would like to date, a proud American, Miley Cyrus out to the Marine Corps Ball in beautiful southern California…”

We agree, PFC Hart! An amazing tradition has begun and whether these celebrities accept or decline, one thing is for sure: Americans that didn’t know the Marine Corps Ball existed are now paying attention. For many active and retired Marines these events are celebrations of the traditions and camaraderie of the Corps.

At Ryan’s Project, we applaud these men and women of the United States Marine Corps for their candor, charisma and tenacity; for continuing the tradition of the Birthday Ball into another generation of Marine warriors. Best of luck to you all!