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Tiffany Madison was born and raised in Texas, USA. Though she never considered herself a writer, inspired by the experience of writing and reading via unique online fiction communities, she began to experiment. As of 2010, Tiffany Madison’s derivative fiction portfolio is housed under a nom de plume and is comprised of nine stories, including four novellas, three short stories and a five-part series. As for original fiction, she has penned two short stories and has a forthcoming novel, Black and White. Black and White is in the final stage of editing and will be released 2012. For updates on the novel and Tiffany’s progress, subscribe to Tiffany’s feed!

Creative Destructors, Co-Founder – February 2015 to present · Nashville, Tennessee

Liberty.me, Director of Operations – February 2014 to February 2015 · Nashville, Tennessee

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Author · Sep 2008 to present · Dallas, Texas

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After nearly losing his life in combat, Jason Keller’s career as a United States Marine was over. Medically discharged, Jason settles into his grandfather’s home in Pandora, Tennessee. Despite facing an uncertain future, his days are filled with routine and philosophical pursuits. Disillusioned and restless, Jason plans a trip to the wilderness seeking natural atonement – meeting Vanderbilt college student Ava Taylor along the way. Georgia native and daughter of a Baptist minister, Ava is a sweet, optimistic young woman visiting town for the summer. From the first encounter, both experience infatuation and intrigue before quietly falling in love. Black and White is a philosophical story of love, hope and redemption.

Fictionista Workshop, Co-Founder · Jul 2009 to present · Dallas, Texas

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Fictionista Workshop is a thriving, supportive community of writers, editors, and readers working together to create the premier online writing workshop for fiction. Tiffany works in community outreach for authors, publishers and editors, promoting the cause of online fiction communities.

Ryan’s Project, Chief Operations Officer · Jan 2011 to present · Keller, Texas

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Ryan’s Project is an outreach organization dedicated to assisting wounded veterans residing in both the North Texas VA Healthcare System and at home. Whether coordinating special events or daily needs, Ryan’s Project will seek to remind Texas Veterans that they have not been forgotten.

Washington Times Communities, Independent Contributor · December 2011 to present · Dallas, Texas


Uncensored exploration of the social, political, historical and personal issues concerning military veterans and their role in modern society, during and after service. This column also seeks to foster cultural awareness and fruitful communication between the civilian and military communities.

Speak Liberty Now, Columnist · April 2012 to present · Dallas, Texas

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Speak Liberty Now is community of free thinkers, philosophers and members of the New Liberty Movement. Assisting in the expansion of the concepts of liberty through logical, honest and uncensored discussion of current social, philosophical, political and economic issues. We network, share ideas, discuss, debate and we reason.

As a columnist and administrator, Tiffany analyzes current events thorough a libertarian and a Constitutionalist lens. Her American ancestry dates back to the 17th century with founding fathers attaching her family name to the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. An 8th generation Texan, Tiffany is passionately involved in local and state politics and online advocacy. She is a believer in open discussion, net neutrality, representative republican government and bi-partisan, logical, truthful and uncensored exchanges.


Black and White

Requests for the previously published online draft are respectfully declined at this time after numerous leaks and copyright violation. The novel is in final stages of editing. Please contact Tiffany Madison via mstiffanymadison@gmail .com.

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